The Future of North Burnaby—Brentwood

Exciting times are afoot in North Burnaby real estate, especially when it comes to the neighbourhood of Brentwood. Already an exciting area to live in—thanks in large part to its great location in the centre of Metro Vancouver and its well-connected transportation hub—Brentwood is these days growing even more abuzz with energy.

As one of the four designated Town Centres of Burnaby, Brentwood is currently getting a lot of attention from both city council and from developers.

As many people will know, the reimagined Amazing Brentwood development, billed as “a complete global community that brings everything you need and everything you love within walking distance, with rapid transit at your doorstep,” is nearing completion. Due to open in Spring 2019, this master-planned community is taking what used to be a regular shopping mall and turning it into a mixed-use area focused on liveability and sustainability, bringing together cyclist, transit, and car networks and offering residential, commercial, and public spaces, all built to the highest environmental standards.

For those looking to live in the most contemporary of spaces, experience the highest degree of liveability, and basically have the world at their fingertips, buying North Burnaby real estate in the surrounding Brentwood developments offers the exact right fit. (For information on pre-sale opportunities, contact Pauline directly.)

While the Amazing Brentwood offers cutting-edge living opportunities, the older areas of this Burnaby community hold their own kind of glamour. The majority of the homes in Brentwood are single-family dwellings, so if you are looking for a more traditional family home, there are several charming streets where you and your loved ones can have a front yard, a back garden, and even enough space to set up your own mini soccer field.

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